January 21, 2017

Hotel Liability Insurance

Employees x Services x Clients = Liabilities

Basic insurance coverages suggested for hotels

General Liability insurance

Covering Clients, Visitors, third parties

Cover personal injuries and damage to property from the operation of the business premises to customers (swimming pools, spa, salon, sports facilities, etc.), visitors and third parties (eg. fire transmission in the adjacent building.)

Environmental liability

Covering the liability to the Authorities and the Society

It covers the liability of the company in an incident where it may cause pollution, fire and general destruction or degradation of the environment within and around its facilities.

The legislation provides for rehabilitation liability or making certain compensatory projects.

Cyber risks insurance

Covering Clients and the Authorities

Covering the consequences when a company from error or malicious attack exposed customers' personal data (names, dates of stay, credit cards, etc.) οn the Internet.

It covers the cost of notification to customers, compensation of their claims, the legal defense of the company up to the reputation cost of restoration of the company.

Employer's liability

Covering liability to the employees

It covers the liability of the business for accidents of the employees and the required high amounts of compensation to the family in the event of a serious incident.

Directors and Officers' liability

Covering liabilities of managers to the shareholder, the authorities, the personnel and the Market

It covers the personal liability of directors for errors or omissions that may cause claims.

The claims may be raised by the shareholder, the authorities, the competition, other managers or staff.


Product liability

Covering liability to the clients

Covering claims as a result for example of food poisoning.

A minimum of three relevant cases with similar symptoms are required for an incident to activate the coverage

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