January 22, 2017

Hotel Employees Insurance

With the Group Health and Life Insurance you offer valuable benefits for people representing your every day with a smile and their work to your customers.

Your employees are working in many different activities so it is important to offer them some protection in case of an incident. The staff and managers' insurance plans vary in number and amount of coverage and usually tailor made to achive balance between costs and benefits. However, there are ready-made low-cost programs that focus primarily on accident really offering significant coverage with highly feasible cost starting from 60 € / year per person for small groups and from 40 € for longer.

In full group health programs covering illness and accident with higher coverage limits and dyatotita integrate workers and their families usually paying for their relevants the (always low compared to individual insurance) cost. Covers like hospital expenses, medical visits, diagnostic tests, pharmacy, an annual checkup, maternity allowance up to the direct costs of medical transportation or even a sum monthly allowance in case of incapacity can be offered by these full programs.

In any case, a prediction for your people, demonstrates your interest and you stand out as an employer. Should you contact us for your special proposal.

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